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Do solar panels boost home value?

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solar panels

Future-proofing has always been a top priority for homeowners. One of our solar PV packages can help you save money every month on your utility bills, but how can solar panels help you in the long run, and do they add value to your home?

The answer to this question isn’t cut and dry. It depends on a number of factors, such as curb appeal and the perception of eco-friendly homes. Essentially, you need to weigh up the pros and cons. But don’t worry – this blog will help you do just that by covering the following topics:

  • How solar panels can add value to your home
  • How solar panels could decrease the value of your home
  • The view of solar panels in the housing market

How do solar panels add value to your home?

Unsurprisingly, the main reason solar panels add value to your home is closely tied to the very reason you installed them – cheaper energy. Everyone wants to save money on their bills, so installing solar panels could have a big impact on your house’s market appeal. 

While the location of your property will have an impact, generally speaking solar panels could add anywhere between 4% and 14% to the value of your home. While this could translate to adding thousands of pounds to your property value, it’s important to factor in the initial cost of solar panels.

Do solar panels decrease your house value?

While solar panels are generally considered an asset, there are certain situations where they might not have a positive impact on the sale of your home. They won’t directly decrease the value, but if a potential buyer isn’t convinced, you may have to compromise on the asking price. This could happen for a number of reasons, including:


Not everyone appreciates the overall appearance of solar panels. Some people might have reservations about the way they look. However, it’s important to note that advancements in solar panel design have made them sleeker and more aesthetically appealing.

The good news is that the solar industry is constantly evolving – part of this is working out how to make solar panels look better than ever. It’s becoming a standard to produce all-black panels with black frames. Another option is integrated panels that snugly fit between your roof tiles, instead of on top of them. The result? A roof that looks smooth and uncluttered, without any bulky additions.


Solar panels require periodic cleaning and occasional repairs. While these tasks are generally straightforward, some homeowners may perceive them as additional responsibilities or inconveniences.

Feed-in tariff

If you’re benefiting from a feed-in tariff program, transferring these financial incentives to the new homeowner might not be straightforward. This could potentially affect the buyer’s ability to secure a mortgage easily.

What does the housing market think of solar panels?

While it’s not a given that solar panels will increase your home’s value, the right buyer can change everything. The curb appeal of solar panels is on the rise as more people become aware of the environmental and financial benefits they can bring. In short – as the solar industry positively evolves, so will the housing market. 

Getting a solar panel installation is a big decision, but don’t worry – we are on hand to help. We’ve been in the industry for over 50 years, so when it comes to solar energy solutions, we know our stuff. 

Our biggest priority is to set you up with a green energy solution that’s best suited to you and your property. We will offer our expert guidance and advice every step of the way, from talking you through your initial options including available solar grants to supporting you throughout the full installation. Get in touch with one of our experts today.