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Electric Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are the perfect way to heat your home, rented building, business premises, or local authority locations efficiently, cleanly, and without breaking the bank.

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Electrical storage heaters: How they work

Electric storage heaters are a highly economical solution to heating your home, and they’re incredibly simple to install and run. Here’s how they work:

  • During the night, when electricity is cheaper, storage heaters use off-peak electricity to heat up bricks or ceramic materials inside them. These materials are able to store a lot of heat
  • In the daytime, that stored heat is released into the room, providing warmth
  • Thermostatic controls allow you to regulate the amount of heat they release to suit your needs

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Fully Accredited Electric Storage Heater Installers

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Why install electric storage heaters?

Here are five ways an electrical storage heater could benefit your home, business premises, or public buildings:

  • Low running costs – Storage heaters can be a highly cost-effective way to heat your home, especially if you use off-peak electricity
  • Convenient – They can be programmed to release heat at specific times, so you can have a warm home when you need it
  • Reliability – Because they don’t require any maintenance, they’re incredibly reliable and efficient
  • Durability – Storage heaters can last anywhere from 6 to 10 years, and they’re inexpensive to replace

Speak to our friendly team if you think your property could benefit from having electric storage heaters installed.

Why take our advice on storage heaters?

Grant Store has been advising on and installing storage heaters across the country for over fifty years, so our expertise and experience are undeniable. Our outstanding Trustpilot scores and our long-standing relationships with the biggest suppliers in the industry enhance the fact that with Grant Store, you’re in good hands.

How it works

We’ve got over fifty years of experience advising on and installing electrical storage heaters for our customers. As such, we’ve got a 3-step tried-and-tested method of inquiry and installation to make the process as hassle-free and straightforward for you as possible.


Tell us about your property

This is just to establish a few basic facts, like its location, size, and heating requirements. It’s also to find out if you’re eligible for electrical storage heater grants as part of the government’s ECO4 Scheme or the LA Flex scheme.


Apply and Survey

We’ll then perform a comprehensive survey of your property to see which model of electric storage heater would be the most efficient one to heat it and how many you’d need. If you do meet the eligibility criteria, we’ll also help you apply for your energy grants.



Our professional installers are fully regulated and accredited, so you know you’ll be getting first-class service every step of the way on your new electric storage heater journey.


You must have a few questions. We’ve answered some of the most commonly-asked questions about storage heaters here, but please speak to the team if you have any more.

Do storage heaters use a lot of electricity?

They’re designed to run all night which means they can use a lot of electricity, but it’s also worth remembering that that’s also when electricity is at its cheapest. Ensuring that your home is properly insulated can also make a huge difference to your storage heater’s effectiveness, so get in touch if you have questions about properly insulating your home too.

Are electric storage heaters any good?

The positives far outweigh any negatives surrounding electric storage heaters. Yes, they can use a lot of electricity, and they can take a while to get warm when you first turn them on, but they’re also reliable, require no maintenance at all, and are relatively inexpensive to run. If you’re unsure whether an electric storage heater is the right option to warm your home, just speak to our expert team, who’ll be happy to go through all your options with you.

What is the most economical way to use storage heaters?

There are a couple of things that you can do to reduce the amount of electricity that your storage heaters use, including setting the thermostat to a lower temperature and using a timer to control the release of the heat you’ve stored. Avoiding using it during peak hours is another way to get the most out of your storage heater, but also make sure that you clean it regularly, as a buildup of dust can affect how efficiently it runs.

Are storage heaters cheaper to run than electric heaters?

It’s impossible to say, and that’s because everybody’s use of heaters is totally unique. A few factors that could affect a heater’s efficiency include the size of the home that you’re heating, when you’re using it the most, how much you paid for the units (whether they’re budget or top-of-the-range options), and the current cost of electricity. If you’re in any doubt, just ask the experts on 01942 918 844.