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Wall Insulation

Installing proper cavity insulation in your home is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bills, saving you as much as £400 per year. Install energy-efficient wall insulation in your home, business premises, or public authority buildings and reduce your heating bills today.

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loft insulation

Our innovative wall insulation solutions

The average semi-detached house loses around 40% of its heat through the walls. With cavity insulation installed, that can be reduced by 20%.

We use state-of-the-art technology and include as many eco-friendly materials in our cavity insulation projects as possible. Not only does this make your property warmer and a place that you enjoy spending time in, but it also reduces your carbon footprint.

Our team has over 50 years of experience in advising homeowners, business owners, and local councils on the best possible way to make their buildings more energy efficient, so speak to them to get a highly competitive quote for cavity insulation today.

The different types of wall insulation

These wall insulation solutions could save you hundreds on your heating bills as well as make your building toasty and warm. Speak to the team to find out the best solution for you.

Cavity wall insulation

Small holes are drilled in the external walls at regular intervals, and insulation material is blown into the cavity using a special machine. The holes are then sealed with mortar to prevent moisture from entering the cavity.

Internal wall insulation

This involves packing the spaces between your internal wall joists with high-quality insulation. There are many different types of insulation that can be used; recycled paper mulch, glass wool, spray foam, mineral wool, or even animal hair. We’ll choose the best insulation type according to your home’s individual needs.


Insulating your loft room can make a significant difference to your home’s energy efficiency. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a loft room insulated with either glass fibre, Rockwool, or polystyrene and high-quality plasterboard can save you between £300 and £400 per year on your energy bills. This is because it helps to keep heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer, making it 25% more heat-efficient.

Fully Accredited Wall Insulation Installers

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Why upgrade your cavity insulation?

There are many benefits to adding cavity insulation to your home. Here are five of the most compelling:

Reduces heat loss

By filling the cavity between the inner and outer walls of your home to prevent heat from escaping, can reduce heat loss by as much as 40%, saving you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills

Increased energy efficiency

Cavity insulation can also increase the energy efficiency of your home. In the winter, your home will stay warmer for longer, and in the summer, it will stay cooler

Lower carbon emissions

By reducing heat loss, wall insulation can also help reduce your carbon emissions because you need to use less energy to heat and cool your home

Increases the value of your home

A more energy-efficient home is a more attractive prospect on the housing market. Cavity insulation provides your home with exactly that

Improves sound insulation

It can help improve the sound insulation of your home, making it quieter inside and blocking out more noise from neighbours or busy roads nearby

How it works

Wall insulation technology is the best it’s ever been, and it’s also greener than ever thanks to the materials that are used. Grant Store is a government-approved installer of property insulation, so you know you’re in good hands. Follow these three simple steps to get a warmer, more cost-effective property.


Tell us about your property

This is just to establish a few basic facts, like its location, size, and heating requirements. It’s also to find out if you’re eligible for cavity insulation grants under the Gret British Insulation Scheme or the LA Flex Scheme.



We’ll use our 50+ years of expertise to conduct a survey of your home to find you the best possible solution for your wall insulation needs. If you do meet any required funding criteria, we’ll also help you apply for your wall insulation grants.



Our professional installers are fully regulated and accredited, so you know you’ll be getting first-class service every step of the way on your new cavity insulation journey.

Why take our advice on cavity insulation?

Grant Store has been installing wall cavity insulation up and down the country for over half a century. We’re with you every step of the way – from the initial quote to aftercare – so if you have any questions, there’s always someone on hand to help. Our outstanding Trustpilot scores and our long-standing relationships with the biggest suppliers in the industry reinforce the fact that with Grant Store, you’re in good hands.


You must have a few questions. We’ve answered some of the most commonly-asked questions about wall insulation here, but please speak to the team if you have any more.

Is it worth it to insulate cavity walls?

Absolutely. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a house with cavity wall insulation is approximately 35% more energy-efficient than one that doesn’t have it. This, in turn, saves you money on your heating bills, especially if it’s combined with a boiler replacement or a state-of-the-art heating solution like an air source heat pump or ground source heat pump. Get in touch on 01942 918 844 if you have any questions regarding this.

What is the best way to insulate a cavity?

This will depend on a number of things, like the size and age of your property, its location, and your heating habits. We’ll conduct a thorough survey before we carry out any work and let you know what we intend to do.

What is the cheapest way to insulate cavity walls?

The cheapest method is to use blown mineral wool. This is a type of insulation that is made from small glass fibres. It’s a good insulator, relatively inexpensive, safe, and easy to install. However, just because it’s the cheapest, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best solution for your property.

We’re happy to go through all the different cavity insulation options with you, including giving you a no-obligation quote, so you can decide for yourself which option suits you, your budget, and your home.