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Central Heating

Upgrade your home with a new central heating system from our team of expert advisors and engineers to start saving money on your home, business, or public authority building’s energy bills.

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How central heating systems work

We’ve been installing energy-efficient gas central heating systems for over 50 years. With complete UK coverage, decades of experience, and links with the biggest suppliers in the industry, you can trust that we’ll only recommend the system that will benefit your property the most. Here’s how the different components of an A-rated gas central heating system work:

  • Gas boiler – The boiler converts gas into heat and circulates hot water throughout the home
  • Radiators – These transfer heat from the hot water to the air in the rooms of your property
  • Thermostat – Controls the temperature of the building by turning the boiler on and off
  • The pump – This circulates the hot water throughout the home

Fully Accredited Central Heating System Installers

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Why install central heating?

Here’s why installing an A-rated central heating system would be beneficial to your household:

  • Central heating provides comfortable and consistent heat throughout your home.
  • It’s easy to use, and maintenance is very minimal.
  • It’s a highly efficient way to heat your home, which can save you money on your energy bills.
  • Gas central heating systems are built to last, and your system will be reliable for many years to come
  • When compared to other heating systems, gas central heating is a relatively affordable option

Speak to the team if you’d like more information on how installing a new gas central heating system in your home, rental property, business premises, or local authority buildings can make a difference to your bills and carbon footprint.

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Why take our advice?

Grant Store has been advising on central heating grants and installing central heating systems across the country for over fifty years, so our expertise and experience are undeniable. Our outstanding Trustpilot scores and our long-standing relationships with the biggest suppliers in the industry prove that you’re in good hands with us.

How it works

With Grant Store, you could have a new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient boiler installed in less than two weeks. For a better idea of what a new boiler installation might cost you or to see if you’re eligible for government central heating grants via the first-time central heating grant scheme, follow these three simple steps, and you’ll soon be benefiting from lower energy bills and a warmer, more eco-friendly building.


Tell us about you

In just a few minutes, we can give you a competitive quote. We only need a couple of details to establish things like your home’s location, size, and power requirements. If you’re applying for a central heating grant, we might also need to know your homeowner status and income to determine what you might qualify for. £5,000 in England and Wales and up to £9,000 in Scotland under the government’s ECO4 scheme.


We’ll find the best package

We’ll complete an exhaustive survey of your property to see which central heating system would be most effective for heating it. If you do meet any required funding criteria, we’ll also help you apply for your central heating grant.


Book your installation

All our professional installers are fully regulated and accredited, so you know you’ll be getting first-class service every step of the way on your renewable energy journey.


You must have a few questions. We’ve answered some of the most commonly-asked questions about gas central heating systems and free central heating grants here, but please speak to the team if you have any more.

Are there any grants for central heating?

Yes. Gas central heating installation grants are available via the Affordable Warmth Scheme, or, if you don’t meet the criteria for that scheme, you could try applying through the LA Flex scheme instead.

If you’d rather install a heating system that produces zero carbon, then you could also consider installing an air source heat pump or a ground-source heat pump. Thousands of pounds are potentially available in ECO4 grants for them, so speak to the team if these more eco-friendly options are of interest.

Who gets the Government grant for heating?

To be eligible for Government central heating grants, you have to meet a set of criteria related to your income status, your homeownership or rental status, and the state of your existing heating system. For full details, just speak to our expert team.

What do central heating grants cover?

The Government central heating grants will cover everything from the initial survey to the cost of buying the boiler, radiators, room thermostat, all the pipework, and the cost of installation. Any damage caused to plasterwork during the installation will be remedied, but it won’t cover the costs of a full redecoration.

Are central heating grants available throughout the UK?

Grants are available in England, Scotland, and Wales, whereas Northern Ireland has its own scheme.