Insulation Grants

Grant Store has over 20+ years’ experience in the insulation industry. We specialise in Room in Roof & Internal Solid Wall Insulation.

Benefits of insulation

There are many benefits to insulating your home such as; reducing your energy bills, reducing your carbon foot print and most importantly keeping your home warm. Most of the heat lost in your home is from inadequately insulated roofs and walls, that’s why here at Grant Store, we are experts in these areas.

Room in Roof

Room in roof insulation

Room in roof insulation is designed for homes that already have a roof/attic room. Using the latest methods and materials we insulate all the elements of the room/rooms with British Gypsum Insulated Backed Plasterboard. These boards are 63mm thick and consist of 50mm insulation, 12.5mm plasterboard and 5mm of glue & vapour barriers and currently retail at around £90 per board.

British Gypsum Data Sheet

With this high-quality material, you will notice the benefits immediately as your room in roof will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Room in Roof

Most installations take between 3-5 days to complete. We try to complete the work as fast as possible whilst maintaining very high standards of workmanship.

Typical insulation cost can vary from £2,500 to £15,000. Check to see if you qualify on the ECO Grants page.

Internal solid wall insulation

Solid walls are well known for not retaining any heat, in fact they release twice as much heat as cavity walls would. These walls can now be insulated and here at Grant Store we do this by insulating them from the inside.

Insulating a solid wall home properly can add to a home’s market value by significantly improving its Energy Efficiency Rating. In the case of internal wall insulation can improve the interior decor and appearance of a property.

This method also uses British Gypsum Insulated Backed Plasterboard.  We secure these boards to the inside of the external walls.  Once complete we plaster all the walls for a clean, fresh finish.

Most installations take between 3-5 days to complete.

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