Project Description

Shirley Pool Court

Client: Elizabeth Barnes

Duration: 4 Weeks

Location: Doncaster

Contract Value: £50,000 circa







We were approached by the Landlord to see if any funding could be obtained to upgrade the inefficient heating. The block of flats were a 1980’s build and were installed with electric room heaters. The tenants were complaining of high energy costs. We completed the design and full installation, we fitted Electric Storage Heaters and supplementary heating to bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


On the initial survey, we identified the electric meters which needed to be upgraded to dual rate meters. Over the years, the tenants had changed energy providers. We had to identify each individual energy provider and arrange for new meters to be installed before we could successfully install the new heating upgrades. We had to obtain 2 different funding schemes and the landlord was required to contribute to some of the installations.


We installed 36 Electric Storage Heaters to a total of 18 flats, raising all the EPC ratings to above the minimum energy efficiency.